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Whitrope Update

Sorry for the lack of updates recently been having one or two technical issues.
Work has continued as normal at Whitrope with good progress being made on a number of fronts.

The signalling project continues to advance with pulleys laid and runners for the signal cable along the platform front. The restoration of the lever frame also advances steadily with most of the levers now complete.

Davie has been working on the signal base and running some welds along the strengthening webs now we have sorted out the electrical supply to the welder.

Some work has been done to improve the look of the Mk1 workshop coach and this is still ongoing.

Preparatory works are underway for the instillation of the level crossing gates which hopefully will come to fruition towards the end of the year.

The blog should now start having regular updates again so keep an eye out for the updates

Posted by: wrha | May 27, 2019

Saturday 25th May

A good number of volunteers on site undertook a range of tasks as several projects were progressed. Unfortunately after lunch the weather again curtailed some of the work.

The first task for the locomotive department was to finish shunting the stock so the running line was clear for Pluto and the brake van to have access to the main running line. Once the stock was shunted driver training was undertaken with Pluto and the brake van.

Further site tidying up was carried out unfortunately some painting tasks had to be abandoned due to the rain. In the exhibition coach Bill and Alan were working on an attraction for younger visitors, a large wooden jigsaw.

Work progressed on the signal with the wire run and connected to the signal arm. A little bit of work remains to complete the signal run at the top of the gantry and then the connection needs to be made with the balance arms. Hopefully if the weather is better this will be completed next week.

Next week is a running weekend, so please pop up and have a ride behind the newest locomotive to join our working fleet at Whitrope.


Posted by: wrha | May 19, 2019

Saturday 18th May

After a week of wall to wall sunshine it was a miserable day at Whitrope. The volunteers on site were somewhat restricted in what could be done due to the wet conditions.

The main task for the day was to shunt the stock from off the running line back into the stock siding. It was a good chance for the drivers to get use to Pluto and learn some of her characteristics. The wet weather also meant that we had one of the rare opportunities at Whitrope to see how Pluto handled on the wet rails!! The shunt proceeded as planned with no issues, although all involved were fairly damp by the end of the day.

Elsewhere on site the volunteers were forced to undertake tasks indoors as the afternoon turned very wet.


Posted by: wrha | May 16, 2019

Goodbye for now and hello

The latest locomotive to run at Whitrope arrived on Wednesday, although a little later in the day than planned. The locomotive a ‘Planet’ 4wDM called Pluto is part of the Andrew Briddon collection and is on loan whilst our Fowler is away being re-engined. Many thanks to Peter and Andy Briddon for the use of the engine.

The locomotive arrived early evening and the trailer was run onto our new unloading / loading area at the level crossing. This being the first use of this area it was good to see everything went well as far as getting the trailer in place and ready for unloading. With the tractor unit out of the way a rail ramp was set up and Pluto unloaded.

The Fowler was then shunted up to the trailer and pushed onto the trailer using Pluto, although it need a little help from a pulley block as the last section onto the trailer was pretty steep and proved an issue for Pluto. With the Fowler safely secured on the trailer Pluto was again run down onto our rails, although there were a couple of hitches here. Eventually everything was were we wanted it and the tractor unit was re-attached to the trailer. The crew decided to overnight in the car park as it was then well after 9pm.

A long hard day for the lorry crew and Peter Briddon. Also thanks to Baz, Andy, Bill, Jim and Duncan for giving up their time to help unload. We now have an operating locomotive so can shunt the stock and start running proper passenger turns.

Posted by: wrha | May 14, 2019

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May


A busy weekend at Whitrope saw a good turn out of volunteers on the Saturday, then a visit by the Lothian and Borders Classic and Vintage Motorbike Club on Sunday.

The crew working on the LMS wagon removed the last timbers exposing all the under-frame. The structure was in better condition than was expected, with a few minor areas that need attention but nothing alarming. Work will focus on cleaning and painting the under-frame before new timbers are put back.

Work on the signal lever frame shifted focus to the signal itself with efforts put into freeing up the bottom linkages ready for the signal wires. The next job will be to connect u the actual signal to the linkage at the bottom of the post. Work will still also progress on refurbishing the signal levers.

The batteries on the bug were swooped around in an attempt to cure the problems around starting the unit after it has been stood for a while. Hopefully this may have worked as the unit started fine on Sunday morning.

Further work was done on the exterior of the brake van and some more paint was applied to the guttering area on the coaches in the bay platform.


Another glorious day with very pleasant temperatures welcoming a visit from Lothian and Borders Classic and Vintage Motorbike Club. They took the chance for a stretch off the bikes with a number of the members visiting the exhibition and buffet coaches. A number had a short trip up and down the line. Some very positive feedback was received about the visit and hopefully this may be repeated in future years.


Posted by: wrha | May 7, 2019

Saturday 4th May

Work has progressed on the leveling of the area near bridge 200. This is an area we are looking to develop over the next few years, so getting the ground leveled allows us to plan how to best develop this area.
Jim continued work on the lever frame, with the focus now on the actual levers. Work on the first one showed that they are all going to need a great deal of work to get them into working order. By the end of the day the first lever was freed off and working once more.
It was an operating weekend so the bug was in service although the temperature was not really conducive to many visitors being several degrees colder than last weekend.


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Borderline – Issue 8

To all WRHA members – there is an error with page one of the printed copies of Issue 8 of Borderline and we have contacted the printers in order to rectify this. Sadly, this error was not picked up prior to copies being mailed out.

In the meantime, the downloadable issue from the members’ area of the website is correct.


Posted by: wrha | May 2, 2019

Saturday 27th April

Saturday was mixed, dry morning  and showers in the afternoon.

Alan continued working on the refreshed exhibition for the museum. Bill and John tided up the car park area.

Joe did some landscaping, grass cutting and put in some more concrete fence posts heading for bridge 199.

There was a good team working on the LMS wagon which saw reasonable progress made.

Some signal levers were moved to the MK1 coach and a start made on their strip-down but it didn’t get too far.  The levers have been left to have a good soak in release oil, so hopefully better progress can be made next weekend.

Sorry no pictures this week hopefully should be back to normal next week.

Posted by: wrha | April 22, 2019

Saturday 20th April

A glorious day at Whitrope marked the first day of the new season with the centre officially open to visitors. Unfortunately the lack of running motive power has restricted opportunities in terms of train rides as the stock is currently stabled in the platform. There was the chance for a ride in the ‘bug’ up and down the line towards the cutting, which a few visitors participated in.
The visitor centre was open with the exhibition given a refresh for the new season. In the platform the brake van was open for visitors to see how the restoration of the vehicle is progressing.

The volunteers on site also advanced a number of jobs that could be undertaken. Work continued on the LMS wagon with the sole-bar wire brushed and painted. More work was done on the foundations for the signal frame, with the area under where the frame will sit dug out, hard work on a very hot day at Whitrope. The walls are now ready for the timbers to be affixed ready for the lever frame.

Elsewhere on site repairs were carried out on the Saxa van body with new bitumen sheets laid on the roof to repair damage caused by the storms over the winter. The site clean up continued with some more areas addressed.

The big news from the last few days is the arrival on site of the plant to clear the area near bridge 200 which has be designated as the area for a future running shed. Currently the work will focus on leveling and tidying up this area to provide a flat working zone. Once the area is prepared the containers from the area south of the cottage will be moved to here. With the area becoming the focus for maintenance and restoration work.

Overall a good day with the centre also open on Sunday. The next operating weekend will be May 4th and 5th, so why not pop along and see how things are progressing.

Posted by: wrha | April 15, 2019

Saturday 13th April

A good turn out of volunteers on site meant that a large number of different jobs were on the go.

In the station area the preparations for the new season continued with the inside of the coaches given a good tidy out ready for our visitors. This alongside the continuing general site clear-up is making the whole area look much improved.

Malcolm was up working on the brake van, with a flooring laid inside which looks very smart. This vehicle will be open to the public on operating days, so the push is on to complete a number of jobs.

Baz was up and trimmed the sleeper fence to height that was put up last week for the signal frame. He also carried out a number of repairs and some general maintenance on the bug.

The group working on the 26 removed the driver and second man seats from the cab to allow access to the floor. A number of areas of rotten metalwork were cut out of the floor and these will be replaced with new metal. Some work was also carried out around the roof in the cab to allow this to be repaired so the cab will be watertight.

In between all the hard work time was found to consume a birthday cake that was brought up to celebrate George’s birthday, and very nice it was too.

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