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Saturday 12th October

A small band on site continued with a couple of the ongoing tasks.

The last of the signal frame components were stripped back and painted. With the actual levers also receiving attention all the components for the frame have now reached the state where they are being painted ahead of re-assembly.

The gates for the level crossing also recieved another coat of primer. Work will be able to start on the second set of post in the coming weeks.

With the operating season now finished the current projects will all become the focus for the volunteers on site, so they should see good progress in the coming weeks and months.

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Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October

The weekend was the last days of this years operating season, another summer flown by. The weekend saw a reasonable number of visitors over both days which was pleasing as the weather wasn’t great, particularly on the Sunday.

Whilst the visitors were looked after a number of the volunteers on site continued with some of the ongoing jobs. Rod and Davie were working on the 26. They began by carrying out repairs to try and make the cab they are working on more weather tight. Then work continued on the floor structure they are fabricating to provide a save floor in this cab.

Progress continues on the signal frame with more components cleaned and painted ready for re-assembly. The pile of untouched bits is ever descreasing so hopefully we are not far away from being able to start to assemble the structure.

The level crossing gate posts also recieved some attention, with Davie welding a small strengthening plate on. They have been moved to the ticket office shed were they can be painted in the dry.

Overall a good weekend despite the iffy weather. Finally a big thank you to all the people who have worked as guards, drivers, second-men, platform staff, buffett staff and in the exhibition. Without your dedication there would be no operating railway.

Here to the next operating season and all it will bring.
The volunteers will still be on site most Saturdays to work on the various projects so if you are passing feel free to pop in and say hello.


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Saturday 28th September

A very pleasant day saw a reasonable number of volunteers on site working on a number of projects.
Work was carried out on the brake van brake gear, with all the linkages cleaned up and lubricated. The brake van was then given a few runs along the line with the brakes being applied to ensure that the lubrication could work through all areas.
Baz was up and carried out some work on the bug, with RB004 also being run up.
Progress was made on the signal frame with a number of components cleaned and painted ready for re-assembly.

We had a full day filming with ITV on Saturday 21st as Border TV wanted to include our activities in their Border Life programme to be broadcast in the near future.
The local volunteers made a special effort to be up the hill early but the TV crew beat us! They had already been on the platform and were heading for Golden Bridge on our arrival and that was at quarter past nine.
We were recorded carrying out a full range of duties, including collecting and shunting the LMS wagon so that work can resume on the restoration. Also, recordings were made inside the museum with Alan giving an insight to the collection. The 26, was next to have a starring role with Davy fabricating a new floor frame. At lunchtime we were all in the buffet coach with Alan asking the team how work was progressing in the various restorations that are being undertaken. The tunnel was visited, with filming undertaken both on the loco footplate and guards van as well as a trip to Riccarton Junction where Bill was interviewed by Sandy McCracken..
As with all filming there were re-takes and camera re-positioning, and probably everything that was recorded, once cut together, will bear no resemblance to the day . It was a full day at that; the crew left us at five o’clock and were heading to Shankend Viaduct to finalise the day’s shooting.

On Monday the 23rd, two of our members, John Shaw and John Heaney, came down from Fife complete with a car load of cut timber to erect a new picnic table for the platform. John Shaw had purchased the timber and cut it to size. The table was erected and a first coat of preservative paint applied. Whilst this was going on, Jim took the chance to paint the base of the signal lever frame.
Tuesday morning, being dry, further coats of preservative were applied to the table before the rain arrived at lunchtime. The donated picnic table now looks resplendent sitting on the platform and will be made full use of in future seasons.

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Whitrope Update

It has been a very busy few weeks at Whitrope with a couple of running weekends and some group visits. Both RB004 and the ‘planet’ have been in action. The railway has received visits from a local ‘mg’ club and a land-rover group. With the railway providing an ideal break on drive outs.

Whilst we have been busy with visitors progress has still been made on a number of projects including the signal frame. With the platform for the signal frame complete the base of the signal frame has been placed into position. Work on the component parts of the frame is also advancing, which will hopefully allow for re-assembly in the not too distant future.

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Saturday 17th August

A good turn out of volunteers saw a number of the current projects worked on.

The team working on the signal frame lifted the base of the frame onto the timbers that had been fixed in place at the end of the platform. The base now awaits the components that are being restored in the workshop coach. When these are completed the signal frame can be re-assembled and the signal connected up.

Malcolm was up and working on the brake van, replacing one of the plywood panels in the vestibule end. This now just needs painting. Chris continued his work on the Mk1 workshop coach, starting to tackle the roof. Inside the workshop work continued on the metal work from the LMS wagon with more pieces cleaned back and painted.

On a pleasant afternoon we had a few visitors that enjoyed the exhibition and were very complimentary about the ongoing progress. If you vancy a visit this upcoming weekend is an operating weekend in association with the model railway exhibition in Hawick.

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Saturday 10th August

A very damp day saw a hardy band working on inside jobs. Progress was made on the components from the signal frame. With the last of the levers completed and a start made on the frame parts themselves. The metalwork from the LMS wagon was also receiving attention in the Mk1 workshop, with items cleaned up and painted ready for refitting.

Posted by: wrha | August 14, 2019

Saturday 3rd August

A busy day with a good number of visitors. With it being a running weekend the ‘planet’ was in action with the brake van and the mini bus was in service running people up and down to Riccarton Junction. There was a lot of positive feedback with everyone enjoying their visit. Sunday also saw a steady flow of visitors. It is always rewarding for the volunteers to see happy people enjoying the railway and makes all the hard work worth it.

Whilst the visitors were looked after a number of projects were still ongoing. Davie was busy completing the welding required around the base of the signal. Chris was up and progressing his hard work on the Mk1 workshop coach, with the external appearance steadily improving. Work on the signalling system advanced again, George working away on the levers, with Jim and Duncan laying the timbers in the area under the future location of the lever frame.

The next running weekend is at the start of September so why not pop along you will always find a warm welcome.

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Whitrope Update

Sorry for the lack of updates recently been having one or two technical issues.
Work has continued as normal at Whitrope with good progress being made on a number of fronts.

The signalling project continues to advance with pulleys laid and runners for the signal cable along the platform front. The restoration of the lever frame also advances steadily with most of the levers now complete.

Davie has been working on the signal base and running some welds along the strengthening webs now we have sorted out the electrical supply to the welder.

Some work has been done to improve the look of the Mk1 workshop coach and this is still ongoing.

Preparatory works are underway for the instillation of the level crossing gates which hopefully will come to fruition towards the end of the year.

The blog should now start having regular updates again so keep an eye out for the updates

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Saturday 25th May

A good number of volunteers on site undertook a range of tasks as several projects were progressed. Unfortunately after lunch the weather again curtailed some of the work.

The first task for the locomotive department was to finish shunting the stock so the running line was clear for Pluto and the brake van to have access to the main running line. Once the stock was shunted driver training was undertaken with Pluto and the brake van.

Further site tidying up was carried out unfortunately some painting tasks had to be abandoned due to the rain. In the exhibition coach Bill and Alan were working on an attraction for younger visitors, a large wooden jigsaw.

Work progressed on the signal with the wire run and connected to the signal arm. A little bit of work remains to complete the signal run at the top of the gantry and then the connection needs to be made with the balance arms. Hopefully if the weather is better this will be completed next week.

Next week is a running weekend, so please pop up and have a ride behind the newest locomotive to join our working fleet at Whitrope.


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Saturday 18th May

After a week of wall to wall sunshine it was a miserable day at Whitrope. The volunteers on site were somewhat restricted in what could be done due to the wet conditions.

The main task for the day was to shunt the stock from off the running line back into the stock siding. It was a good chance for the drivers to get use to Pluto and learn some of her characteristics. The wet weather also meant that we had one of the rare opportunities at Whitrope to see how Pluto handled on the wet rails!! The shunt proceeded as planned with no issues, although all involved were fairly damp by the end of the day.

Elsewhere on site the volunteers were forced to undertake tasks indoors as the afternoon turned very wet.


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