Posted by: wrha | January 6, 2020

Saturday 4th January

Hello and Happy New Year everyone.
A good turn out of volunteers, keen to start the new year with a bang. A number of different tasks were undertaken, with work progressing on most of the current projects.

In the morning while the weather was slightly better work was carried out on the level crossing gate post, cleaning off the rust and flaking paintwork.
Some work was carried out on both the bug and RB004 to ensure that they are both fit to run.

The team working on the class 26 had a busy day removing the insulating from the inside of the cab roof. This allowed access to the metal framing and new metalwork to be welded in place to help re-construct the door frames. This will go a long way towards making the cab more water-tight.

Further work was carried out on the new signal cabin to improve the weatherproofing and prepare for additional windows. These will help improve the line of sight for the signalman in the cabin. More work was also carried out on the locking frame which will hopefully be fitted to the signal frame in the next couple of weeks.

It is the start of what promises to be another exciting year, with a number of the current projects coming to fruition. If you are interesting in coming along to help, please come along you will always be made welcome.

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