Posted by: wrha | January 22, 2020

Saturday 18th January

Such a wonderful day for outside work, especially only being mid-January. Unfortunately, the Hawick crew were later in arriving having traveled via Bonchester Bridge to collect the latest order of cut steel to progress the work currently ongoing with 26040.

As a direct result of the exceptional Border Life programme last week, a new member / volunteer from Carlisle joined before heading on to the shops. He is looking forward to returning next weekend as a volunteer. For those that missed the programme it was shown on ITV on Tuesday 14th at 19:30. I’m sure it will be on catch up and is well worth viewing.

The first two restored level crossing gate supports were moved from where they had been stored and transported to the crossing so that the concrete bases could be marked for drilling. The third post, having been cleaned, was then moved indoors to properly dry prior to painting. Alan then started to remove paint and rust from the last gate support to be restored. The drilling of the concrete base had to be abandoned as the portable generator refused to start. A rethink and a plan was formulated so that the work can be progressed next weekend.

Ian and John were busy fabricating the new timber to replace the rotten timber in the buffet. Tom and Pete continued tidying the site and removing any unwanted items currently stored in containers.

The 26 received some of the new steel delivered today, the rusted metal door and window frames were replaced and the whole cab side made more robust. The cab door was removed so Ian could measure it up for the timber that is required.

As some of you may have seen in the on-line railway press we have purchase two of the recently withdrawn pacer units. These should hopefully be arriving up at Whitrope soon. They are fully operational, so we will be able to start driver training on them straight away. If things go to plan these will provide us with further stock for passenger operations this year. To help with the transport cost for these units we will be launching an appeal so please look out for that and any help would be much appreciated. With the arrival of the new stock there will be even more demand on our volunteers so if you want to come along and lend a hand please pop by, you will always be made welcome.

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