Posted by: wrha | December 2, 2019

Saturday 30th November

A bright clear day saw a good number of volunteers on site.

The main job of the day was to connect up the signal to the lever frame. This was achieved by shortening one of the wire runs and fixing a bottle screw in the line to allow further adjustment. Then it was testing the run and seeing the signal bounce up into the raised position. It was a good reward for the team that have put in so much work to get the frame to this point.
The interlocking mechanism was retrieved from one of the containers along with it’s covers. These will be the last part of the frame to be restored. There are no plans to use the interlocking mechanism, but it is going to be restored to working order before we fix it to the frame. It is an interesting exercise to see how the mechanism works and how we will be able to repair it.

Further work was done inside the cab of the 26, although there is still a huge amount to do before this area is safe to use.

Elsewhere work continues on the Fowler down in Darley Dale. The bodywork has been removed, as has the power unit. There are a few hurdles to clear now before the new power unit can go in. We are still hopeful that we will see her back at some point next year.

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