Posted by: wrha | February 9, 2020

Saturday 8th February

After a couple of early showers we had a cool windy day that allowed outside jobs to be done.

The team working on the 26 removed a number of the control cubicles to allow access to the body work behind. Again areas of heavy corrosion were cut away to be replaced by new steel. It is amazing just how much corrosion is present within the cab. This side of the cab is starting to come together although there is still plenty to do before re-assembly can start.

Ian carried out more work on the repairs in the buffet coach with the doorway partition in place.

The locking frame was put in place on the signal frame along with the covers. Once this was all secured the top covers were put in place. This is the signal frame complete for a moment.

One of the level crossing gates was retrieved from storage down by the Saxa van. It was transported up to the compound on one of the pw trolleys. These gates are very heavy so the least amount of lifting and moving is the order of the day. The gate will be repaired and painted before hanging on one of the restored gate posts.

More work was done on the generator, unfortunately this was not meet with any success, so it is back to the drawing board.

All being well new stock should be arriving during the week, so the blog will be updated when they appear. The railway is featured in an article in this Sunday’s Scotland on Sunday.

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