Posted by: wrha | May 22, 2016

Flying Scotsman visit

Flying Scotsman visit the Scottish Borders on Sunday 15th May. The trip has generated huge interest across the region and it caused consternation on Friday evening when Network Rail announced that the visit was cancelled due ton gauging paperwork not being in place. On the Saturday a large amount of political pressure was applied to Network Rail and much to everyone’s delight the visit was back on and the required paperwork was in place.
The day of the visit saw lovely weather across the Borders and the crowds were out in force to see the steam engines. The run down from Edinburgh to Tweedbank saw huge crowds at the line-side, thankfully all on the right side of the fence. At points the A7 was struggling to keep flowing with parked cars and people stopping to see the train.
The stop at Galashiels was met with a very large crowd and the pipe band, which really impressed the passengers on the train. Arrival at Tweedbank was greeted with even larger numbers of excited spectators, keen to see Flying Scotsman. A party atmosphere was generated at Tweedbank were people queued to gain access to the platform for a photograph.
Late in the afternoon the train departed back up to Edinburgh after a highly successful visit.

Posted by: wrha | May 21, 2016

7-8th of May

A rather grey Saturday up at Whitrope with low cloud set in.
With a good number of bodies on site a number of jobs were progressed. Chris and Davie worked on the under-frame of the buffet coach, removing some rust and applying primer. Malcolm carried out repairs to the steps that give access to the Mk1 workshop coach. Tom and Peter were on site and progressed a number of jobs. The development of various exhibits continues with a number of mile posts in position at the end of the platform.

Posted by: wrha | April 24, 2016

Weekend update 23rd April

A day of sunshine and snow showers, that is spring at Whitrope. Plenty of jobs going on across the site to ensure everything is ready for the start of the operating season next weekend.
In the coaches, Alan, Bill and Ian were putting finishing touches to the new exhibits. The coaches are really looking impressive this year and all the hard work put into the exhibits is clear to see.
Tom and Peter continue their work on the path between the car park and the platform.
Joe continues his work on the floral displays on the platform and they are starting to come into bloom. He also did some grass cutting, one of the endless jobs at Whitrope as there is always somewhere that needs cutting.
The track gang were out greasing point rodding and the points. The track was inspected ready for next weeks operation and all is ready for action.
There was also a shunt taking place to ensure that all the stock is in place ready for a visit by Borders College students on Wednesday.
With the opening event for the new season next weekend there will be plenty of activity through the coming week to put the finishing touches to a number of jobs.

Posted by: wrha | April 22, 2016

Mid week update

A busy week up at Whitrope with a good number of volunteers on site through the week.
The main focus being to complete a myriad of tasks before the opening weekend on the 30th of April.
The exhibition and buffet coach continue to improve as new features for this season are completed and fine tuned.
Preparation work is ongoing with both the stock and the track-work to complete all the little jobs which need signing off before operations can start.
Below are some images of the works completed over the weekend. Some like the car park drain still have bits to complete, but they all help slowly but surely in the improvement of our site.

Posted by: wrha | April 20, 2016

April Works Weekend

A busy weekend which saw volunteers on site over the weekend and the Friday before and on into the Monday.

Work continued on completing the installation of the generator. The container was re-ordered ready for the partition wall to be constructed. The electrical side of the generator was connected up and power is now available in the mess/office container and the exhibition coach. There are still further cable runs to do to supply power to other areas around the compound.

In the car park area a new drain run was installed in the area near the gate. The aim of this drain being to help remove surface water from the car park, making it a better surface for our visitors.

The path from the car park down to the platform also saw further work and although not complete is already looking muck better.

In the area around the approach to the bay platform work was carried out to prepare the track-bed for relaying the track into the bay platform. An area was prepared near the end of the platform was prepared for a number of the mile-posts the association holds. These will be displayed in an area that allows them to be viewed by all our visitors.

A number of other jobs were progressed over the weekend as efforts are concentrated to ensure that everything is ready for the start of the new season.
There will be some more photographs of the works soon.

Posted by: wrha | April 12, 2016

Saturday 9th April

With a number of regulars away to witness the return of a Deltic to the old Waverley Route, it was a smaller than usual group of volunteers on site.

Those on site progressed a number of jobs. Work on the generator continued with efforts focused on the electrical side. Baz worked on RB004 cleaning her up and getting ready for the new season.

Elsewhere work started to convert the old toilet shed into it’s new role as a ticket office on the platform. The shed will need a little bit of work before it is ready for this new role. A new floor being a start.

Next weekend is the April works weekend, running over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There are jobs of all types being undertaken, so why not come along and give a hand.

Posted by: wrha | April 10, 2016

The Deltic Borderer

Saturday 9th of April saw the return of a class of locomotive that was very much associated with the final years of the old Waverley Railway. D9009 Alycidon had the honour of being the first Deltic to visit the re-opened railway, ironically also the only Deltic that had never travelled over the original Waverley Route in the 1960s. The tour has been very popular to the extent the a second one is running in June. Tweedbank therefore saw a very busy day with both the tour and Melrose sevens utilizing the station.
It is good to see the railway attracting rail-tours, with the only down side being it causes service trains to be cancelled to accommodate the tour on the line. The push to extend the dynamic loops will surely grow as the railway continues to be very popular.

Posted by: wrha | April 3, 2016

Saturday 2nd April

Another damp day at Whitrope, somewhat curtailed outside work. There is never a shortage of jobs to do at Whitrope so inside work was undertaken by the team on site.

One of the main areas occupying the volunteers is the ongoing work in the exhibition coach. A number of major changes are underway which will see a new look exhibition ready for unveiling in May.

Work started on the 26 with the cab at one end given a tidy up. Major work on the 26 will start once it is located near the station at Whitrope.

Posted by: wrha | April 1, 2016

Mid week update 30th March

A busy day on site with a number of people progressing various jobs.
The platform trolley was extracted from the exhibition coach and now resides back on the platform.

Alan, Bill and Ian were busy working on the exhibition coach, with work underway on some of the new features for this year. It all looks very interesting and should really add to the exhibition so come and have a look when we open from May onwards.

Jim and Duncan spent the morning collecting a donated fuel tank which will be used to allow us to bund the existing fuel tank. They also picked up a door and door frame for use in the generator container to allow a partition wall to be erected.

With the deliveries made, they then set to work running the electrical cable from the generator hut to the two coaches in the bay platform. To help balance the generator load these are now two separate runs. They therefore had to feed a number of cables along the protective piping being used to protect the cables (sounds so simple!). On the completion of this job and feeling a bit like they had done a work-out at the gym, they had to bury the cable run. Fortunately they were able to use the excavator to dig the trench, which was a real blessing as the ground was full of old bricks and compressed building rubble. This must have been the remains of some of the railway structures that used to exist on site. The excavator found the ground hard work, so digging out by hand would have been very entertaining. With the trench dug the cable runs were buried and feeds put up into the generator container. Hopefully they should have electric current flowing through them in the near future. The compound will have some more type 1 laid to improved the surface fairly soon as we will be ordering some for a number of jobs we want to complete before the season starts.

All in all a busy day and thankfully the weather was good for most of the it.

Posted by: wrha | March 27, 2016

Weekend work 26th and 27th March

A very wet Saturday put paid to most of the planned outside works.
Joe carried on manfully working on the planting for the spring flowers, but elsewhere people found inside jobs.
Peter and Tom applied another coat of paint to the platform, after being given a weeks extension on its occupation of the exhibition coach. Alan was busy working on materials for this years exhibition. Finally work continued to get the generator up and running.
A couple of photographs from last weekend when the weather was somewhat better, with just one from Saturday, you can probably work out which one!

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