Posted by: wrha | June 24, 2015

New arrival at Whitrope

The latest addition to the stock at Whitrope arrived on Monday, a permaquip trolley which has been acquired by the Northumbria Rail boys. The diesel powered trolley will be a useful tool for the pw team and may even provide some shelter for the gang in the unlikely event of rain at Whitrope!

Posted by: wrha | June 22, 2015

Track Weekend 20-21st of June

For the middle of June the day started of with very poor weather conditions, low cloud, mist and rain showers. It also provided perfect conditions for Whitrope’s midge population! Fortunately the afternoon was much better.
One of the main jobs of the weekend was to try and effect a repair on the generator. Jim and Duncan set about trying to swap over the generator end from the old generator plant with ours. After a couple of attempts it was decided that the easiest way was going to be to change over the winding housings. This was done and after a little bit of playing about with the wiring by Andy we got it all working again.
Baz and Dave carried on tidying up the compound area, which is starting to look much more presentable. They also had a large fire down the bottom end to dispose of a large amount of waste wood. With the task completed they also repaired the fence around the temporary crossing, built to allow construction of the bay platform.
Numerous painting tasks were also ongoing, with Tom working on the Ruston, Peter completing the restoration of the blackboard, Davie working on the Fowler and Chris applying more layer to the Mk 1 coach.

A reasonable number of volunteers on site, with Fathers Day running going on. Tony arrived with another load of pw gear, delivery being held over from Saturday due to heavy traffic on the A1. With the materials off-loaded the mini-digger was used to tidy up the area near the Eskbank bridge to re-create the turning circle. The opportunity was also taken to get some more ballast on the track-bed in that area. Davie was up working away on the Fowler.
There were also a reasonable flow of visitors enjoying trips in the unit and some also having a trip in Ruston as part of the Fathers Day event.

A good weekend with a number of jobs done and the station and compound area looking much more respectable.

Posted by: wrha | June 18, 2015

Driver training on Wednesday 17th June

Some shots of the units being used for driver training at the moment along the length of the route.

Posted by: wrha | June 16, 2015

Newtongrange and Gorebridge station updates

Some images showing progress at Newtongrange and Gorebridge stations. These pictures were taken the weekend before the trial train service started. Both stations are mostly complete with various bits of completion work to do. One interesting new feature is the new southern access to Gorebridge station of Lady Brae Road.

Posted by: wrha | June 10, 2015

Eskbank station update.

A look at Eskbank with most of the landscape work around the station completed. There is still a number of jobs to complete but the station and its environment are looking nearly finished. With test trains running through the station this week the railway is very much coming back to life.

Posted by: wrha | June 8, 2015

Saturday 6th June

Someone said it was supposed to be summer-time, unfortunately no one told the weather up at Whitrope. A cold day with heavy showers of driving rain somewhat curtailed most activity on site. A reasonable number of volunteers were up and in between the rain showers various jobs were done.

Work was carried out on one of the recently acquired containers to repair the roof, a repair which was given a thorough testing as soon as it was in place. The good news being the repair seemed to be fine. That leaves painting required on a drier day.
Jim had been up in the week and completed the wiring job on the new office container, so we had light and heat in there on Saturday, quite handy really! Dave continued his work on the outside with another panel riveted in place.
Elsewhere Tom continued to work on the Ruston, whilst Peter advanced the restoration of the old railway chalkboard for use in the office. Baz loaded up Deliah with another load of waste materials from the compound, ready to be taken down to the container area for disposal. Joe was up, but the drainage work he was planning was somewhat curtailed by the elements.

Given the weather quite a lot was actually achieved, hopefully the weather conditions will improve soon as there is a great deal of painting to do.

The June track weekend will be the weekend of the 20th-21st of June, with work focused on completing a number of jobs around the site rather than beginning any new projects.

Posted by: wrha | June 5, 2015

Locomotive naming at Edinburgh Waverley

In a ceremony held yesterday at Edinburgh Waverley station Freightliner 66528 was named after veteran Waverley Railway campaigner Madge Elliot MBE. The nameplate was unveiled by Madge herself and it will be nice at some point in the future to see the locomotive in action on the re-opened section of the route. Congratulations to Madge in having all her tireless campaigning recognized in such a good way. Below are couple of photographs from the ceremony taken by Andy Hadwin.


Posted by: wrha | June 2, 2015

Shawfair station update.

An update on the new station at Shawfair. Work on the major landscaping projecting is almost complete with just finishing work required. The station is on a brownfield site that was originally part of the colliery and future passengers will if plans go ahead come from massive housing development planned for the surrounding area. It will be interesting to see how passenger numbers go at this new station, as can be seen from the photographs there is plenty of room to expand the car-parking around the station if required.

Posted by: wrha | June 1, 2015

Sunday 31st May

A day very much of two halves weather-wise, with rain and drab conditions in the morning giving way to pleasant afternoon sunshine. It was delightful to see some of Roy Perkins’ family visit during the day and they were very impressed by the exhibition and site. The unit was in action providing the visitors with trips up and down the line.
Well done to all the volunteers who ensure that all our visitors have an excellent experience.

Photographs by Andy Hadwin and Ian Crooks

Posted by: wrha | May 31, 2015

Saturday 30th May

A lovely day at Whitrope saw a good number of volunteers on site with several jobs on-going. The main aim of the day was to improve the look of the compound area. To this aim the rails at the end of the stock siding were cut back, creating a working area in front of the new office block. The redundant rails along with other spare rails was dragged to the bottom end of our site for possible future use.

A general tidy up of the area is now underway with material being sorted and stored in suitable locations. In the office block another coat of paint was applied inside, whilst the electrics continues to be re-wired and should be ready for connecting up next week.
Davie continues to work away on the Fowler and a start was made on reconnecting the main drive coupling as work re-starts on getting the engine back up and running.

The Ruston was employed collecting water containers for the use with the new toilet block. The access path from the car park to the station also saw further top dressing done. Various other smaller jobs including restoring one of the old chalkboard noticeboards were also done during the course of the day.
The compound still has plenty of work to be done to improve its appearance but as work continues on the recently purchased containers freeing up storage space the look of the whole area should continue to improve.

We are looking for any old industrial strength shelving or racking units for use in the containers, so if anyone knows of any going cheap or ideally free to a good home please get in contact.

The railway will be running again this Sunday so if the area please pop in and see how the railway is developing and moving forwards.

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