Posted by: wrha | April 10, 2016

The Deltic Borderer

Saturday 9th of April saw the return of a class of locomotive that was very much associated with the final years of the old Waverley Railway. D9009 Alycidon had the honour of being the first Deltic to visit the re-opened railway, ironically also the only Deltic that had never travelled over the original Waverley Route in the 1960s. The tour has been very popular to the extent the a second one is running in June. Tweedbank therefore saw a very busy day with both the tour and Melrose sevens utilizing the station.
It is good to see the railway attracting rail-tours, with the only down side being it causes service trains to be cancelled to accommodate the tour on the line. The push to extend the dynamic loops will surely grow as the railway continues to be very popular.


  1. Very good, Alicydon. But who won the 7s?

  2. In addition to extending the dynamic loops (back to the original plan?) a run around loop at Tweedbank would be a good idea. Seems crazy to pay for another engine to haul a Deltic back to Edinburgh.
    If Melrose had been the terminus there probably would have been lots more rugby fans travelling.

    • The other engine wasn’t there to “haul it back” but in case it broke down.Network Rail normally insist that there is an auxiluary engine on heritage hauled mainline excursions. They have had their schedules messed up too often especially by steam engines breaking down at inconvenient places.
      If a heritage engine broke down between dynamic loops half the days trains might have to be cancelled.

      • The 67 was there to haul it back. There is no run-round loop at Tweedbank. All railtours are top & tailed on the Borders Railway. Matt S.

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