Posted by: wrha | February 23, 2020

Pacers arrive

The railway has been successful in bidding for two recently withdrawn Pacer units from Northern. The two units were collected from Worksop, where they had driven to themselves upon their withdrawal. The units were collected by Reid freight. The first three units made their way up to Newcastleton. Unfortunately they were then caught out by the weather. By the time they had made their way from Steele Road to Whitrope snow had started falling and the drop off had to be cancelled, with the units left on the low loaders. The next window in the weather did not arrive until a week later, with Storm Dennis reeking havoc in the area. With the Reid crews back on site the units were unloaded without any further issues. The final part of the second unit will be delivered shortly.

A big thank you to Reid’s and the volunteers who worked very hard in some very challenging weather to ensure that the units were safely delivered. A great deal of time was spent both on site and on administrative tasks to ensure the purchase and delivery of the units. These tasks go unseen by most members but are vital to the success of the association.