Posted by: wrha | December 8, 2019

Saturday 7th December

A good turn out of volunteers saw numerous jobs undertaken across the site.

The team working on the 26 were out in force and continued to progress the repairs to the cab.
Baz was up with a new starter motor for the bug, that he had to import as there were none available over here. With the new starter fitted the bug was run up and given a quick outing to ensure everything was operating correctly.
The Ruston was also run up, as she had not been run for a while. This also allowed anti-freeze to be added to the cooling system ready for winter. Once started she was left to run for a while to ensure that the anti-freeze was well mixed into the coolant system.

The members on site got their first view of the new shed, which will act as the signal box with the recently fitted frame. With the frame protected from the weather, the job of the day was to fit electric lighting in the box. This was successfully completed and by the end of the day the light in new signal box shone out brightly on a very dreich afternoon.
Work on the interlocking mechanism also progressed and hopefully we will be able to fit this back on the frame fairly soon to allow the completion of this part of the project.
There is still still ground works to finish off around the signal box, but overall everyone is really pleased to see the excellent progress on one of the main projects we are currently undertaking.
Overall a very good day with a great deal achieved, despite the wet afternoon.

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