Posted by: wrha | January 27, 2020

Saturday 25th January

The volunteers were again out in good numbers of a dull grey January day.

Further work was carried out on the new signal hut with two new windows cut which will allow much improved lines of sight for the signal person. The plan is to cut another set of windows to give the best possible view of operations for the person on duty in the signal cabin.

George applied a coat of primer to the gate post that was moved into the hut at the end of the platform last week. He then moved onto the 26 to continue work in there.

The general site tidy up continued with one of the containers sorted out and more waste cleaned up. A shunt of some of the stock in the siding also took place to ensure items were in the right place before the new stock arrives in the next couple of weeks.

The mild weather so far this winter has allowed us to progress jobs well so far. Hopefully this will continue so we can get through as many jobs as possible before the new season starts.

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