Posted by: wrha | September 19, 2016

More news!

Baz Shell informs me that further track work was undertaken yesterday (18th) and the panel near the tunnel is now connected.

60ft rails now plated up and clipped into place

As mentioned previously there are only a limited number of sleepers in this panel as we are low on supplies; the appeal is still running for track materials as we also need further pan11 plates, clips, fishplates and ballast to be able to bring this section of track into regular use. We are also always looking out for new volunteers to boost the numbers. If you’d like to assist with either please drop us a line.



  1. Recently sponsored a sleeper. No confirmation of receipt yet, but no doubt it will be put to good use.

    • Thank you for your donation. Will check for you; one of our team is unavailable due to personal issues so that may cause delay.

    • Maxime I can assure you that your sleeper will be put in place Sun 09/10, its the last one before the gates !

      • Wonderful news! Thanks for checking!

      • Your sleeper is one of the ones seen on the p-way trolley.

  2. Thanks for keeping me posted! But can it be most pictures are not working correctly anymore? I don’t see any trolleys or track panels at the moment.

    • I am investigating the issue with photos as they show up when I am in the WordPress editor :/ – DMS

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