Posted by: wrha | February 22, 2012

The North in the News

New Line Just Got Shorter

Apparently Transport Scotland is seeking planning approval to shift the new Tweedbank station a wee bit closer to Gala, due to the prohibitively high costs of shifting buried leccy cables on the original site. Planning permission is also being sought for a new pedestrian underpass at Heriot.

For the full story, including a nice consultant’s plan of the all new Tweedbank terminus, check out and click the relevant link……

Transport Minister Visits Gala

Tuesday 21st saw Keith Brown visit Gala to view progress on the advance works, together with preparatory work on the town’s inner relief road. Comments made by Mr. Brown regarding completion of the railway project have sparked debate on whether 2014 actually remains achievable: for the full story check out www.scotsman/news/transport




  1. What I think is really important now is a date or a target for the extention to or “through Hawick” as has been recently quoted by various politicians.

  2. I don’t wish to spark debate,

    progress is good, a delivery date is now irrelevant. Its happening get used to it is all I would say to the doubters and do please remember doubters out there, you’re not my problem, move on.

    Leccy wise.
    Can a third rail run on 50Kva?

    Holm rule,

    Mac .

  3. Third rail @ 50Kva, very good.

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