Posted by: wrha | November 24, 2019

Saturday 23rd November

A number of volunteers were on site with the aim of progressing some of the current projects before setting off to the AGM at Hermitage.

The team working on the signal frame completed the assembly of the levers and the end plates, so completing the basic assembly of the signal frame. There is still some work to do to allow the top covers to be reattached, but the frame is once again a working item. The pulleys were fixed in place below the frame and the wire for the signal lever run connected up. This will require some adjustment next weekend to allow the correct tension to be established to operate the signal, but overall the job is advancing very well.

The repairs inside the buffet coach also saw further work. With some of the flooring replaced. Further areas of possible water ingression were identified that will be investigated further.

The afternoon saw the AGM at Hermitage village hall. We were made most welcome with tea coffee and cakes. A good turn out saw a positive meeting with Matt Stoddon standing down as Chairman and Chris Donnelly taking over in the role. Matt is to continue as editor of the society magazine and newsletter. Matt’s hard work and effort to support the association were appreciated and support offered to Chris in his new role.


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