Posted by: wrha | November 14, 2019

Saturday 9th November

With the weather beginning to cool down and night frosts setting in, the order of the day was to finish checking over the cooling systems of the locos, etc. and prepare them for winter. Antifreeze was added to ‘Pluto’ and allowed to circulate. All stock now has antifreeze in the cooling systems and on the next visit, a check of the strength will be made to ensure we have adequate protection.

During the summer it was apparent that a ‘ soft spot ‘ had developed in the floor of the buffet coach so Ian arrived to investigate. With the floor covering lifted there was an area of rot that has to be repaired. On checking the outside of the coach to find the cause we found the roof drainage channel was blocked with leaves and moss and the channel itself had a join that was allowing rain water to spill into the coach. The channel was cleaned out and a check of the roof showed that it was in good condition although the paint was cracked and flaking. Roofing paint has already been purchased so that will be applied in the next few weeks.

Ian also brought the cleaned and enamelled station bench ends so we can now build a new station bench and have it in place for next season.

A second coat of white paint was applied to the top half of the level crossing gate support pillars. As we are all getting older, bending to lower levels is becoming a problem so the bottom half of the pillars will have to come up to our level and be painted when the trestles are returned to the shed.

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