Posted by: wrha | October 29, 2019

Saturday 26th October

A lovely autumn day saw a good number of volunteers on site.

The first task of the day was a stock shunt to reposition the stock in the siding for ease of access to various vehicles which will be recieving attention through the winter. This saw all the stock except the Mk1 workshop coach removed from the siding and re-ordered.

Work continued on the signal frame with more coats of paint being applied. A number of the levers are now resplendant in red and white. Further coats will be applied over the next few weeks, then the frame can be re-assembled and commissioned.

The level crossing gate posts had their final coat of primer applied and now await white top coat to finish. The other two post were retreived from storage down by the container and work started on stripping these back so they can be painted once the first two are completed.

Work is also ongoing in the exhibition coach were this years exhibition is being taken down, ready for a refresh for the new season.

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