Posted by: wrha | October 2, 2019

Saturday 28th September

A very pleasant day saw a reasonable number of volunteers on site working on a number of projects.
Work was carried out on the brake van brake gear, with all the linkages cleaned up and lubricated. The brake van was then given a few runs along the line with the brakes being applied to ensure that the lubrication could work through all areas.
Baz was up and carried out some work on the bug, with RB004 also being run up.
Progress was made on the signal frame with a number of components cleaned and painted ready for re-assembly.

We had a full day filming with ITV on Saturday 21st as Border TV wanted to include our activities in their Border Life programme to be broadcast in the near future.
The local volunteers made a special effort to be up the hill early but the TV crew beat us! They had already been on the platform and were heading for Golden Bridge on our arrival and that was at quarter past nine.
We were recorded carrying out a full range of duties, including collecting and shunting the LMS wagon so that work can resume on the restoration. Also, recordings were made inside the museum with Alan giving an insight to the collection. The 26, was next to have a starring role with Davy fabricating a new floor frame. At lunchtime we were all in the buffet coach with Alan asking the team how work was progressing in the various restorations that are being undertaken. The tunnel was visited, with filming undertaken both on the loco footplate and guards van as well as a trip to Riccarton Junction where Bill was interviewed by Sandy McCracken..
As with all filming there were re-takes and camera re-positioning, and probably everything that was recorded, once cut together, will bear no resemblance to the day . It was a full day at that; the crew left us at five o’clock and were heading to Shankend Viaduct to finalise the day’s shooting.

On Monday the 23rd, two of our members, John Shaw and John Heaney, came down from Fife complete with a car load of cut timber to erect a new picnic table for the platform. John Shaw had purchased the timber and cut it to size. The table was erected and a first coat of preservative paint applied. Whilst this was going on, Jim took the chance to paint the base of the signal lever frame.
Tuesday morning, being dry, further coats of preservative were applied to the table before the rain arrived at lunchtime. The donated picnic table now looks resplendent sitting on the platform and will be made full use of in future seasons.

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