Posted by: wrha | August 19, 2019

Saturday 17th August

A good turn out of volunteers saw a number of the current projects worked on.

The team working on the signal frame lifted the base of the frame onto the timbers that had been fixed in place at the end of the platform. The base now awaits the components that are being restored in the workshop coach. When these are completed the signal frame can be re-assembled and the signal connected up.

Malcolm was up and working on the brake van, replacing one of the plywood panels in the vestibule end. This now just needs painting. Chris continued his work on the Mk1 workshop coach, starting to tackle the roof. Inside the workshop work continued on the metal work from the LMS wagon with more pieces cleaned back and painted.

On a pleasant afternoon we had a few visitors that enjoyed the exhibition and were very complimentary about the ongoing progress. If you vancy a visit this upcoming weekend is an operating weekend in association with the model railway exhibition in Hawick.


  1. Hello, I live in the East Mids but find myself travelling back from Edinburgh next Thursday. Are you open in the week? Richard

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