Posted by: wrha | May 16, 2019

Goodbye for now and hello

The latest locomotive to run at Whitrope arrived on Wednesday, although a little later in the day than planned. The locomotive a ‘Planet’ 4wDM called Pluto is part of the Andrew Briddon collection and is on loan whilst our Fowler is away being re-engined. Many thanks to Peter and Andy Briddon for the use of the engine.

The locomotive arrived early evening and the trailer was run onto our new unloading / loading area at the level crossing. This being the first use of this area it was good to see everything went well as far as getting the trailer in place and ready for unloading. With the tractor unit out of the way a rail ramp was set up and Pluto unloaded.

The Fowler was then shunted up to the trailer and pushed onto the trailer using Pluto, although it need a little help from a pulley block as the last section onto the trailer was pretty steep and proved an issue for Pluto. With the Fowler safely secured on the trailer Pluto was again run down onto our rails, although there were a couple of hitches here. Eventually everything was were we wanted it and the tractor unit was re-attached to the trailer. The crew decided to overnight in the car park as it was then well after 9pm.

A long hard day for the lorry crew and Peter Briddon. Also thanks to Baz, Andy, Bill, Jim and Duncan for giving up their time to help unload. We now have an operating locomotive so can shunt the stock and start running proper passenger turns.

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