Posted by: wrha | May 14, 2019

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May


A busy weekend at Whitrope saw a good turn out of volunteers on the Saturday, then a visit by the Lothian and Borders Classic and Vintage Motorbike Club on Sunday.

The crew working on the LMS wagon removed the last timbers exposing all the under-frame. The structure was in better condition than was expected, with a few minor areas that need attention but nothing alarming. Work will focus on cleaning and painting the under-frame before new timbers are put back.

Work on the signal lever frame shifted focus to the signal itself with efforts put into freeing up the bottom linkages ready for the signal wires. The next job will be to connect u the actual signal to the linkage at the bottom of the post. Work will still also progress on refurbishing the signal levers.

The batteries on the bug were swooped around in an attempt to cure the problems around starting the unit after it has been stood for a while. Hopefully this may have worked as the unit started fine on Sunday morning.

Further work was done on the exterior of the brake van and some more paint was applied to the guttering area on the coaches in the bay platform.


Another glorious day with very pleasant temperatures welcoming a visit from Lothian and Borders Classic and Vintage Motorbike Club. They took the chance for a stretch off the bikes with a number of the members visiting the exhibition and buffet coaches. A number had a short trip up and down the line. Some very positive feedback was received about the visit and hopefully this may be repeated in future years.


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