Posted by: wrha | February 10, 2019

Saturday 9th February

A surprisingly pleasant day after a few rainy days. A variety of jobs were undertaken with the primary focus on continuing the work to free the Fowler from the stock siding.

Work continued in the area around the level crossing with a focus on clearing the running lines so that stock could be moved around. Jim was working on the excavator which had an issue with the fuel pump. The repairs proved successful and the excavator was run up and sounded better than it has done for a long time. Unfortunately it is still not mobile as a puncture proved too large for us to tackle, so a specialist repair will be needed.

An attempt was then made to run up the dumper ‘Delilah’, but although we were able to get fuel all the way through the fuel system we were unable to get the engine to actually start.

With the running line clear a start was made on moving the stock around. Again we came up against an issue with the buckeye coupling on the Mk2 coach being seized. After quite a lot of work we were able to get some movement out of the coupling, although it was still very stiff. Unfortunately despite a number of attempts to couple up with RB004 we were not successful and with the light starting to go had to call it a day.

Overall a somewhat frustrating day with a number of small issues slowing up progress, then again that is what makes working on the railway interesting. One large positive from the day was when someone stopped by to drop off two point actuating levers. These will come in very useful and although they will need some work to get them back into good working order they are a very welcome addition to our stocks.


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