Posted by: wrha | January 19, 2019

Saturday 19th January

A cold day up at Whitrope with a light dusting of snow on the ground to welcome the volunteers. The snow melted although the day remained overcast and fairly grey.

Work continued on the site tidy up with a fair amount of rubbish collected from around the site. A fire was lite to burn some of the material and given the temperature, standing around the fire ensuring everything burned fine was a popular job!

Tom gave the mess hut a good clean out and it now looks much better.

Baz was up and did some work on the bug as it had a blocked fuel filter which was causing an issue. With the filter sorted out the bug ran a lot better.

Work continued on stripping down the lever frame, an ideal job for the cool conditions as a fair amount of effort was required to strip the components down. The first job was to remove the locking frame arrangement from the back of the frame. With these removed the individual levers could be split down. The frame came apart fairy well especially when the amount of time it has spent exposed to the elements at Whitrope is taken into consideration. All the components were labelled and stored, so the work can progress over the next couple of months cleaning and restoring the components to working order. By the end of the day all the parts were removed and the actual frame itself was put in store.

Away from the site work has progressed on sorting a repair programme for the Fowler and hopefully this can be finalized in the next couple of weeks.


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