Posted by: wrha | January 13, 2019

Saturday 12th January

A mild day saw a good number of volunteers on site, with a variety of tasks undertaken.

Jim got more courses of the walls built that will support the signal frame. This part of the project is advancing steadily and a couple more weeks should see the work complete.

The other part of this project is to strip the lever frame down and return it to working order. This will be a major task as the lever frame has been exposed to the elements for a long time. All the top covers were removed and the end cover loosened off, a fairly slow job as everything was pretty well rusted together. By the end of the day the end cover of the frame was removed and the next couple of weeks should see the frame stripped into its component parts.

Work continued on the bake van with the focus on the inside of the van. Davie was working on the LMS wagon removing more of the planking.

A start was made to a large tidy up of the site, which will ensure that the area will look much better for the new season.

A number of the volunteers then headed for Newtown St Boswells to collect a station trolley from the old station, which has kindly been donated. The trolley was somewhat larger than expected and took quite some loading. The woodwork was fairly rotten, but this will be a project that can be undertaken away from Whitrope to restore it ready for eventual display


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