Posted by: wrha | January 8, 2019

Whitrope Saturday 5th January

Saturday marked the 50th anniversary of the closure of the Waverley Route and was a busy day at Whitrope. Pathfinders Tours were running a rail-tour from Birmingham to Tweedbank to mark the occasion and some of the passengers disembarked at Carlisle to follow the southern end of the line in a mini-bus. As part of the tour the group were due to visit Whitrope. They accessed the solemn at Steel Road and traveled along the old track-bed up to Whitrope.

To prepare for these visitors the stock was shunted out of the platform, which allowed RB004 to be used for trips along the line. The visitors had a trip along the line between the Whitrope tunnel end and the golden bridge. This was followed by coffee and a visit around the heritage centre. There was a great deal of positive feedback from the visitors as to all we had achieved at Whitrope.

Once the visitors had left to rejoin the tour at Tweedbank for the return trip to Birmingham, the stock was returned to the platform. This allowed work to continue on RB004, with Baz applying some yellow paint to one end of the vehicle. Work also continued on the LMS wagon with more old bolts cut off to allow the timbers to be removed. Jim continued work on the foundations for the lever frame at the end of the platform.

Overall a really positive day with happy volunteers and visitors.



  1. Thanks for the very interesting New Years news reports. Very informative for the distant members. Iain

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