Posted by: wrha | December 9, 2018

Saturday 8th December

A busy day at Whitrope saw a large number of tasks undertaken.

After some assessment over the last couple of weeks it had been decided that the LMS wagon was a better prospect for restoration than the steel wagon. The first task of the day was therefore to swap the steel wagon for the LMS wagon so work could start on this wagon. The shunt was undertaken using the Ruston and we soon had the LMS wagon sitting in the platform.

With the wagon in the platform Davie and a number of others set to work removing some of the perished timbers ready for replacement timbers to be ordered. The steel work on the wagon is in fairly good order and will all be cleaned and painted before the new timbers are fitted.

Jim, Andy and Duncan continued work on the foundations for the lever frame, with a foundation level of blocks laid by the end of the day. The rain that started after lunch came in handy for this job where a dry mix was laid for the foundations and the rain did a good job of watering this in.

Elsewhere painting of fence panels was underway in the shed and some more work was done on the guard’s van.

New volunteers are always welcome, so if you fancy something to get you out of the house and in the fresh air, pop up and pay a visit you will always be made welcome.


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