Posted by: wrha | October 28, 2018

Fowler Failure

The major shunt planned for today to release the Fowler from the stock siding, unfortunately did not go to plan. The stock was being slowly moved out of the siding when the Fowler suffered a catastrophic engine failure. The picture below show the extent of the damage. Basically the engine suffered a complete breakup of number 2 cylinder and the piston was fired out the side of the engine. The engine is now a complete write off and for the time being the Fowler will be in abeyance until a way ahead can be formulated. This is obviously a huge blow to the team that have put in so much time and energy into the project, but a way ahead will be found and the group will keep going forward.

The Fowler was winched back into it’s original position after an early lunch and David welded the steps access back onto the MK1 workshop coach. Malcolm was also up and continued his work on the woodwork inside the brake van.

Not the greatest day up at Whitrope, but no-one was hurt in the failure and although a blow we have overcome similar challenges in the past and come back stronger.



  1. Thank you for the recent news updates , they have been great and most welcome for us remote members who can only visit the site once a year. What a great pity that the Fowler failed so dramactily.
    Keep up the good work. Regards, Iain

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