Posted by: wrha | October 21, 2018

Saturday 20th October

A very dank and misty day saw a good number of volunteers on site working on a range of tasks.

The team working on the brake van were working on the inside, with the weather precluding any exterior work. Malcolm continued carpentry works that is slowly bringing the interior up to standard, ready for use.

The main thrust of the days activities was to carry out preparation works for the shunt that is scheduled for next Saturday. This involved a number of small tasks, which cumulatively filled all of the day. RB004 was run and coupled to the Mk2 coach, then with the air line connected the brake operation was tested. Once the handbrake was released (well done Baz!) this went well. Next the access steps to the Mk1 workshop coach had to be removed. With these out of the way the Fowler was coupled up to the MK1 and gently shunted backwards and forwards a few feet to check everything was OK. With that maneuver completed the Mk1 was coupled up to the class 26 and the formation again moved to check freedom of movement. Once again the Fowler performed faultlessly and even with the wet greasy rails moved the stock without any real issues. It was really pleasing to see the Fowler demonstrate that it can operate under load.

Alan and Bill were also up, but missed the Fowler moves as they headed down into Hawick early to attend the Campaign for Borders Rail AGM.
Joe was also on site doing some grass cutting.

Next Saturday will see all the stock shunted around so the Fowler can be released from the stock siding. This will allow the next phase of the restoration to be undertaken, with running in trails.


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