Posted by: wrha | October 19, 2018

Sunday 14th October

The working day on site had been put back 24hrs due to the poor weather forecast, which turned out to be accurate as the Saturday was a complete wash out.

Work on the Fowler started with stripping and cleaning a reducer that was causing problems. Once cleaned and reassembled it performed fine. The second set of steps was fitted so the loco cab can be accessed from both sides. The rest of the day was then spent in the cab, rebuilding the control panels.

The brake van is coming together well, with work both internally and externally progressing well. The application of the top coat has really lifted the outside of the van. It will be really good to see this vehicle trundling up and down with the Fowler.

Hopefully over the next couple of weeks a major shunt will be undertaken which will free the Fowler from it’s current spot at the end of the stock siding. This will allow work to continues on the Fowler with some running in turns planned.


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