Posted by: wrha | May 11, 2018

Whitrope 5th May

 An update on recent works undertaken at Whitrope. The Northumbrian Rail boys have been up and carried out repairs and service on RB004 so the unit is now available for service again this year.

Work is progressing on the brake van, although it is currently shunted down the bottom of the line which does not make it very convenient. The team working on the Fowler have made excellent progress in recent weeks. The air system is coming together and most of the pipe runs have now been completed and tested. The air system now operates the brakes and gear selection. The major news is that the Fowler has moved under it’s own power for the first time since it’s arrival at Whitrope. A great deal of work still needs to be done, but hopefully we will be undertaking a large shunt to free the Fowler from the current captivity at the end of the stock siding.

The exhibition coaches have been re-worked again for the new season and are looking very impressive.

Work is progressing on a number of fronts with members on site every Saturday so please feel free to pop in and say hello, you will always receive a warm welcome.



  1. Roll on the Big Shunt and a new ladder for the Mk. 1 Workshop coach !

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