Posted by: wrha | February 27, 2018

Saturday 24th February

A long overdue update on the activities up at Whitrope. Work has continued through the winter on a number of projects, including the Fowler, the brake van, track-work and the coaches.

The Fowler has seen steady progress made with a number of jobs now being complete. The recent work has focused on the air system with a large number of components either stripped down and refurbished or in some cases new components fitted. The sandboxes have all been re-fitted and have been tested. The brake cylinders have been refurbished and are now in the process of being tested and adjusted ready for use. Work has also been undertaken on the lubricating system with new wicks fitted to the oil dash pots. These have now been filled with oil and the levels are being monitored. Along with a number of other ongoing jobs good progress is being made on the Fowler with the aim of hopefully having the air system complete some time in the next couple of months.

Work has also progressed on the brake van, with Davie working on the metal work on the side duckets. New metal work has welded on and these have now been primed ready for painting. Elsewhere the woodwork is being repaired and as the weather allows painting has started. The buffers have all been replaced as the ones fitted when it arrived were unfit for use.

Progress has also been made in the exhibition coaches cleaning and preparing them for the upcoming season, hopefully as the weather improves the pace of work can step up.

Elsewhere on site further work has been done on the track-work, which I will report on more fully in the later update.



  1. Would it not be possible to update ?

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