Posted by: wrha | July 9, 2017

Saturday 8th July 2017

Report from today’s activities:

A very good day by Whitrope standards; wall to wall sunshine with a slight breeze to cool down our volunteers, with a lot of good work carried out.

The track boys were out bright and early clipping up the inside rail.

Andy and Jim then set about reinstating the “curve” in the trackwork, while the cess rail was positioned, plated and clipped up.

Several sleepers required packing with pea gravel to properly seat them (the track will be levelled and tamped at a later date.)

With the running line connected back up we then had a test run up to the tunnel with the Permaquip Patrolmen’s Trolley and trailer to empty the trailer of ballast onto the 60ft length of new wood sleepers.

A well deserved lunch break, then Jim brought the digger down to the compound to load the ballast so we could continue to ballast the section beside the tunnel.

All went well until the digger said “enough” and blew a hydraulic hose in the most inaccessible place, then just to round things off, the Pemaquip refused to start.

The Permaquip was quickly sorted, but the digger resulted in much head scratching. We think some of the hoses could be thirty years old.

Again the fowler boys were continuing the good work, along with the guards van work.

At the end of the day, we had a proving run along the track with the Ruston 48DS and the guards van, which also ensured the axle bearings got a turn, and enabled access to the sides for welding work.


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