Posted by: wrha | July 2, 2017

Saturday 1st July 2017

A mixed day weather wise, but pleasant working conditions with no midges about.

Some bad news met our volunteers in the morning; the vandals had been back, and Jim’s digger has once again been damaged. The vandals had broken the windscreen and side windows of the cab, the rear window had been damaged on another visit. This senseless vandalism is very upsetting to all of our volunteers as the digger is an essential and very useful piece of kit.

The Track boys would like to say a big thank you to the guy from down under who helped out a couple of weeks ago, this act of support restores our faith. G’Day Mate, if you’re reading this; bonza, good on ya!

After we sorted out our trusty digger, work commenced replacing the last of the concrete sleepers in the second section of the running line, this was done plus we took the opportunity to place two concrete sleepers into section three of the running line. It is open to discussion to whether we continue to the summit post with concrete sleepers, we have the material. We may get an answer at the forthcoming committee meeting scheduled for Sat the 22nd 1p.m. at Whitrope.

After lunch we lifted and positioned the inner length of rail, refitted the fishplates at each joint, and using the pansetter we started to clip up with Pandrol 401a clips.
We then lifted the cess rail roughly into position, but by this time it was time to clear up, pack away the tools and make secure the site.

The Fowler boys where onsite working on the locomotive; with the last of the sand boxes fitted and piped in. The air tanks are receiving a coat of white to denote they are part of a compressed air system. The train pipe has now been fully clamped to the solebar. A start was made to inspect the lubricators on the connecting rods. Water has got into the oil chambers due to broken springs within the lubricator. Tom is going to try to source a company in Carlisle to wind up new springs with an extra coil to increase the sealing pressure of the lub cap. This water ingress could result in removal of the connecting rods to check for rust damage to the bearing surfaces.

Tom any Davy where working on the guards van which is looking good, with new metal work being let into the guard’s viewing boxes.

Joe was attacking the weed problem with his trusty strimmer.




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