Posted by: wrha | May 14, 2017

Saturday 13th May 2017

A wet, very foggy morning met our small gang of track workers this morning, with more midges than volunteers about.Before lunch a breeze got up, but the light drizzle persisted blowing away the midges and cooling down the perspiring volunteers.

Jim soon had our trusty digger fuelled and run up to the work site to lift and move both the wood sleepers and the concrete.

The old wood sleepers where lifted and stacked on the p-way troll along with the old spikes and chairs and they joined the growing pile in the compound. Some may have a fourth life somewhere but not on the running line.

The new sleepers fitted with pan11s where lifted out and where stacked again on the p-way trolley for easy transportation further up the running line to replace life expired old sleepers.

After lunch the concrete sleepers where placed on the loop line handy and ready to lift across to be placed into the running line at the next session, probably the May Bank Holiday W/end.

Alan, Bill, Tom and Peter where onsite, but wisely decided not to brave the weather outside.

Access to the brake van is difficult at the moment, but it is hoped to park it beside the platform for easier access and power supply.

This Fowler Boys where conspicuous by there absent, they get a different weather forecast to us.



  1. Keep up the good work gents! Looking forward to another update

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