Posted by: wrha | April 30, 2017

Saturday 29th April 2017

A mainly dull, and overcast day, with occasional sunny spells.

Track Team:

Some work continued on the track work upgrade. The rails have been unclipped and turned out, with a start being made on lifting out the old wooden sleepers – a number of which are life expired.

The Permaquip Patrolmen’s Trolley gets spun round ready to head back North to base.

Concrete sleepers stockpiled ready for use in the track panel

Some of the sleepers, especially the originals with the BR1 style chair and spikes, are life expired and will be disposed of

The sleepers are being checked and identified as which ones can be cascaded for use elsewhere on the site

Some of the old sleepers which have been identified as life expired are removed from the formation

The rails are lifted out of any chairs, and turned to the sides off the sleepers

Fowler Team:

1 The drive shaft coupling bolts from the engine to the gearbox were fitted. (Thanks George).

2 The Westinghouse compressor was compared to a photograph taken by Duncan down at Tamworth using the rule of proportion we got an idea of the size of the flywheel. We also have an idea off the taper on its input shaft. This should enable us to get a rough estimate to have one made. Rod is to contact Tamworth and ask if the lads there would kindly put a rule on their Fowlers compressor flywheel just to ensure we’re close with our dimensions.

3 Plans for the next step in the renovation were discussed with Jim as wiring is now a feature.

4 Jim checked the output of the dynamo, the initial results were not promising 3 volts appeared to be the maximum output, it should be around 30. To be continued.

5 Dave finished painting the air pipes which run under the running board. We’re now clear to re-fit air tanks, sand boxes and the cab steps. Discussions with Tom finalised an internal cab colour of blue, (the only colour we had) it was hoped to be able to paint it green Jims favourite colour, but that’s life, next time Jim.

6 The engine bay was cleared of all miscellaneous items which are not needed at present, and given a general clean up.

7 All fluid levels were checked for correct level and contamination. The cooling water level which has caused concern in the past has been ok for the last couple of top ups and the conclusion is, we have no fluid leak. All the other levels were ok and contamination free. Good to go.

8 Tom ran the engine for us again to allow Jim to take his measurements. The engine was closely inspected, and a couple of minor leaks were detected and attempts made to secure.

9 A general inspection of the drive train of the loco was undertaken to familiarise ourselves with any potential issues that may arise as we move onto the transmission system.

A couple of Nurses from the Shetlands popped in while hiking in the area:


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