Posted by: wrha | April 25, 2017

Fowler work 22nd April 2017

Working on the loco : George, Rod & Dave. Weather:- mostly sunny but started off cold.

1 We attempted to secure the drive shaft. The bolts for the flexible drive coupling between the engine and gearbox couldn’t be found and we could only source bolts that were not really long enough. However we did manage to align the bolt holes through the coupling. George is to source longer bolts complete with spring washers and nuts, (Thanks George).

2 The alternative Broom & Wade compressor was measured up to see if it would fit in the frame well as a temporary unit, whilst we tried to source a spare flywheel for the Westinghouse. Unfortunately it has a protrusion on the side which will prevent this. So back to having a flywheel made. One of the tee bolts which secure the compressor to the loco frame is missing and George is going to have one made.

3 The taper shaft on the Westinghouse compressor was measured up to try and approximate the angle, this is critical because it carries most of the torque needed to drive it. (It would help the telephone discussion with our potential manufacturer to get an estimate). We will no doubt eventually have to take the compressor to the flywheel manufacturers to let them mate the two parts. A quick flick over of the unit indicated it was pumping air ok and there seems little point in dismantling it until we have a chance to run it and see if there’s a problem.

4 Dave painted the air pipes which run under the running board, as they are now fitted for keeps. He also started to clean up and paint the top rear external cab roof flange.

5 Tom ran the engine for us to splash oil about. This is necessary to keep a lubricant coating on the moving parts. This start stop scenario every week will also push the engine through temperature changes which may highlight possible problems. So far so good, it’s looking less and less likely that a fault will develop.

6 Next week we intend to:-refit the air storage tank on the off-side and continue fitting air pipes providing the parts arrive on time. Fit the coupling bolts. Tidy up the engine compartment as work in that area is nearing completion. Start to look at the electrics.



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