Posted by: wrha | April 16, 2017

Saturday 15th April 2017

Notes from Baz:

With it being a holiday weekend volunteer numbers were a little down today. Davy says they’re all away bowling their Easter eggs!

The track boys planned to move the pile of concrete sleepers from the loop line to above the third join in the running line, then count up and see how many more were needed to complete the section.

With Jim not available, we were in two minds to “borrow” his digger to speed up the work.

Rod and George kindly assisted us and we soon had eighteen sleepers moved and positioned ready to drop into the next section.

After lunch we used the p-way trolley to move twelve more concrete sleepers from the turning circle up to join the others on the running line; we now have enough to relay the section plus two for the join.

Work will start shortly to unclip and turn out the rail and wood sleepers.

We plan to carefully remove the ballast and use half of it to top up the ballast in the section we have previously laid.

Thanks again to the Fowler boys for their assistance.



  1. Are you actually open for visitors yet? Website still says closed until 2017 season? Thanks.

    • Unfortunately we are not open this season. However we will not discourage visitors to the site, as long as they understand that we will not be offering train rides, and the museum may only be available depending on volunteers on site and work being undertaken.

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