Posted by: wrha | April 2, 2017

Saturday 1st April 2017

No Fools jokes here…

Weather:- a somewhat damp and rainy morning, brightened up in the afternoon.

On the Pway side the weather prevented much work, but once the rain had stopped the Pandrol clips on the “new” concrete panel were checked with some clips and insulators being renewed.

Update on Fowler:

Working on the loco: George, Rod & Dave.

Alan payed us a visit again (first enthusiast there today) it’s great to see him doing so well.

1 Some selecting of tools for the Whitrope tool kit during the heavy rain periods, and general tiding up the mk1 coach.

2 A brief inspection of the compressor was undertaken to try to sort the pipework necessary to connect it to the loco air system. We need to source a replacement flywheel ASAP or get one made.

3 Work continued on trial fitting of the air pipes, unfortunately pipe fittings which were ordered last week had some of the components put on back order by the supplier which prevented us from making more progress on the pipework. However the link pipe to the dump valve had the new bits fitted.

4 Dave continued to prepare and undercoat the internal cab roof.

5 Automatic drain valves on the air storage tanks were removed / replaced after being stripped down cleaned, checked and reassembled. Missing valves were robbed off the spare air tanks we had in storage.

6 The cowling around the radiator had the missing bolts replaced.

7 The engine was run again for a short time to splash oil around.

8 We need to order a heavy duty cooling system hose for the lower part of the system as Duncan spotted the current rubber elbow was collapsing under the suction of the water pump thus restricting the return flowrate.



  1. What colour was Davy painting peoples hair this time?

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