Posted by: wrha | March 5, 2017

Saturday 4th March 2017

Today’s work report with words and pictures from Baz Shell and Duncan Thomas:

A wet start, then it just got better and better weather wise, a very good turn out of volunteers with even Mal popping down for a look-see.

The Fowler boys where out in force, including Duncan piping up the loco. Work concentrated on re-running the air pipes. The engine was given a run, Jim has fitted a starter key in the cab, so starting the engine can now be done from the cab. The air system still has a long way to go but steady progress was made.

The track boys, with new boy Mick, got straight down to work clipping up the new section and re-instating the slight curve in the track.

At the end of play the whole section was clipped up and each end fishplates back on, the new pansetter was a big help! Though a lot of folk thought I was taking the Mick (what’s a pansetter? Well now you know! It’s a pway tool used to set sleepers against rail for clipping up)

The Permaquip Patrolmen’s Trolley got some new fuel lines and wiring, and the railbus a check over and a few runs up to the tunnel to top up the batteries. The Permaquip HCT trailer was emptied of old chairs and scrap ready for ballasting works, but the track section should be fully packed and levelled before any ballasting starts!


  1. Great pictures and good progress

  2. Some captions on the photo’s would be a help for people less familiar with the sight lay-out.

    • Captions were written at the time of upload; I think it just depends on screen layout and browser how they display

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