Posted by: wrha | February 4, 2017

Saturday 4th February 2017

Baz Shell reports:

In true Whitrope style up the hill it was snowing, cold, and very wet.

Some preventative maintenance was carried out on the Permaquip to return it to service; the tracklaying gear was then loaded onto the trailer, with plans being to position the other rail into place on the first panel of the running line. This was done and it has been temporarily clipped and bolted up, but the weather was truly against us, so it was pack the gear away, have a cup of tea and planning chat, and head off back home.

Sod’s law that once over the hill, the sun was shining and the birds where singing!

The Fowler boys must get a different weather forcast to the track boys as they stayed at home in the dry and warm.



  1. Too bad of the weather, but good to read there has been some progress again. Which part of the line will receive the remaining sleepers of the Methil panels?

    • The team will always endeavour to do what they can 🙂 The ex Methil concretes will continue to be put into the DOWN line which is the “running line” as this will see the heaviest use and will carry passenger services. There is another 60ft panel north of that which has just been upgraded which also has poor sleepers and BR1 chairs and spikes which we wish to eliminate. As always though plans are fluid as things develop.

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