Posted by: wrha | January 22, 2017

Traction Talk:

The volunteers were at work on the Fowler again yesterday (21/01/2017) and there has been some positive progress. The engine was filled with coolant yesterday and run up for a couple of hour long periods. There are a few little niggles but it starts easily and runs well. There are currently no signs of oil passing into the coolant and compression is good. Work will continue to get the locomotive serviceable.

Old wooden sleepers removed from the main running (UP) line. A lot of these are waterlogged and rotten, and also had old BR1 style clips which we wish to dispose of. Any reusable sleepers will be put into stock for use on the sidings.

The UP formation graded and concrete sleepers being set out to upgrade the running line

A look south along the line

The lads move some more parts of the Fowler up to the workshop from store for refurbishment



  1. Well done the Fowler boys ! The track boys will have to get there fingers out and get some track down for you to run on now.

    • We’ll have to organise a shunt to get stock in the right positions for future plans too 😉 (DMS)

  2. It’s a great pity you don’t bother to keep us your members updated on all your secret future plans. No members equals no association.

    • What exactly to you think we are keeping secret? Plans are often very fluid as it all depends on finance, materials, manpower, red tape and such like. If we were to say everything that we would *like* to do people would be asking why we haven’t done them, or what’s taking so long. We put as much detail as we can into the magazines and newsletters but it is often a little bit behind activities hence Facebook posts and blog updates. [DMS]

  3. I think disgruntled makes a valid point. One magazine per year if we are lucky, ad-hoc newsletters etc. Come on fowler boys and all keep us in the know. Bring back the days of Len and Ian with 3/4 excellent magazines per year.

    • What would members think of updates via an email newsletter? (DMS)

    • Tam S – if you want more than two journals and two newsletters per year then please feel free to give me a shout as we can only do this if we have input from members. As editor, and just an ordinary member of WRHA (I’m not on the committee), I get zero input from the membership for articles or even photos for inclusion. I’d desperately love us to put out more per year but without the content it’ll sadly never happen.
      The committee kindly send me the odd thing to use but usually I end up spending weeks and months trying to write enough articles and begging people for photos (and using ones from the blog), which puts the publishing date back somewhat. It didn’t help me suffering an illness towards the latter end of 2016 that prevented me from doing anything to the journal or newsletter for months, but that’s a different story.
      Hot on the heels of the recent journal there should be a newsletter out in the next week or two, it’s almost complete. Then hopefully, provided I get some articles and photos, we can get issue 29 of The Waverley out sometime late March, which brings us back on-track.
      Not quite sure how bringing back the days of Len and Ian would help as I was editor back then as well, being one of the association’s founders, and even back then it was two journals per year.

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