Posted by: wrha | December 19, 2016

Saturday 17th December 

Once the sun rose it was a reasonable day weather wise.

The volunteers stripped down the ex Methil panels so that the materials can be checked and stockpiled. The sleepers will be used to upgrade the running line, with some of the pandrol clips being used here too. The majority of the pads and insulators are life expired and will be replaced. The rails will be put to one side in our storage area, along with others recovered from the southern area ready for future developments.

Various maintenance jobs were undertaken too; with the Permaquip Patrolmen’s trolley given some more checks and a top up of antifreeze and other fluids.

It and the Hymac digger provided much mechanical advantage when stripping the panels, but a tracked excavator would be very handy if anyone has on sitting idle…

Work has also continued on the Fowler and other rolling stock, and preparing the exhibition and buffet coaches for next season.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean there isn’t stuff to do! If you are interested in helping out please drop us a line (see )- you’d be made most welcome 🙂

Text from Baz Shell, Edited and posted by DMS



  1. No car at the moment gents or I’d pop in!

    • No worries mate. Have a good one – DMS

  2. Nice job guys. Another sleeper coming your way in 2017.

    • Thank you, your continued support is appreciated. DMS

  3. Shades of 1969 about that middle image!

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