Posted by: wrha | December 11, 2016

Saturday 10/12/2016

Andy, Alan and Jim, with help from the Hymac digger began to transfer concrete sleepers from the materials (ex Methil) near the crossing and start to lay them out towards the tunnel in the running line, as part of ongoing upgrade works on this section. Pete was at work near the tunnel with a bushman saw, cleaning out some of the scrub around the portal. Tom was working on the brake van underframe, along with Malc inside van taking measurements and photos to prepare timber replacements at home in his workshop. Joe was tidying up plant boxes ready for the winter. The Gilnockie crossing gates moved into dry store.

After lunch, with cake due to Davie’s birthday, Alan and Bill worked on the exhibition coach, and Davie, Rod, George and Jim continued work on the Fowler with the starter motor being temporarily wired in so that the engine can be spun over for testing.


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