Posted by: wrha | December 6, 2016

Fowler progress

It hasn’t just been track work which has been going on over the last few months. Visitors to this blog may be aware that there is a Fowler diesel shunter on site. A small team has been working on this loco with a view to making it operational again (The engine has been started in the past but an issue with head gasket and a cylinder liner were identified).

Steady progress is being made with the ancillaries on the engine being refitted following refurbishment. Recently the sump was refitted following a weld repair to a small crack which was causing leakage. The fuel system is almost reassembled, and one of the next tasks is to run in new wiring for the starter motor and the dynamo. There are also various pressure and flow sensors to check and wire in to enable the engine to be test run.

The loco is privately owned by a small group, who are also WRHA members.


The paintwork on the Fowler continues to advance although the weather is not helping this year.

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