Posted by: wrha | November 13, 2016

Saturday 12/11/2016

A good turn out of volunteers, mainly in readiness for the AGM.

The Permaquip Patrolmen’s was given a service by the Northumbria Rail team and has new fuel filters fitted and the coolant topped up with antifreeze.

A run was taken down to the south end of the line to pick up some of the permanent Way materials recovered from Methil. These, along with items already stockpiled will be sorted and and checked so requirements for future plans can be developed.

Malcolm also undertook some work on the brake van so this is a bit more weathertight.

Some work was also undertaken on the Fowler.

Future work on site will involve: The ex Methil track panels being stripped down and the first two panels heading North from the crossing (Main 15 & 14) being stripped and the wooden sleepers being swapped out for concretes. Work on the brake van will continue. Work on the Fowler will continue. Members who are interesting in helping out with tasks will be made welcome; please contact us to confirm the work going ahead.

(Posted by DMS – Edited to try and make photos appear better!)



  1. Love watching the progress, and sharing the belief that Whitrope is a seed for a great future

  2. Keep up the good work gents!

    • Thank you; please free to spread the information!

  3. we want the 26 to run Alex

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