Posted by: wrha | November 11, 2016

Saturday 05/11/16

A pleasant day by Whitrope’s standards, bright sunshine with a cold wind.

With a good turn out by our committed volunteers a range of tasks where planned.

We have been aware of a fault on the Permaquip HCT brakes for a few weeks so this was our priority.

Baz, Andy and Jim lifted the trailer wheels clear of the track using the trailers own hydraulic jacking system and the brake pads where freed off on all four wheels.

All the system was then sprayed with releasing fluid and all four wheels are now free running.

We took advantage of this down time to carry out some preventive maintenance on the Permaquip personnel carrier at the same time, and to check and run up the rail bus, RB004 for a while.

Tom continued to clean and paint the guards van, and Peter unfortunately had to walk to the tunnel mouth to his drainage work.

With the Permaquip back in service we planned to continue our ballasting operations.

This is when the Gremlins set in!

The digger was reluctant to start, and when it did we where showered in hydraulic oil from a burst hose.

Definately lunch time.

Jim set to work to remove the burst hose, while Andy and Baz set to work to take apart the panels from Methil.

We hope to use the concrete sleepers in a 60ft panel in the running line as the wood sleepers in this section are past their sell by date.

Work then switched to removing the PAN11s from the old sleepers that where used to divert the running line to the bay platform, these plates will be re-used on the running line.

(Edited and posted by Dave Shell. Text and pictures from Baz Shell)


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