Posted by: wrha | October 25, 2016

Saturday 22nd October 2016

Once again a good turn out of volunteers, and the weather was kind to us.

With bright sunshine a joint decision was made to complete the 60 ft. Panel at the tunnel gate.

Tom continued to work on the Fowler.

The p.w. trolley was again in use to transport the “new” sleepers that were removed from the run-round-line to the worksite, with the Permaquip following with the p.w. tools, Peter hitched a lift down to to tunnel mouth to continue his excellent work cleaning out the drainage channels.

Another seven sleepers with PAN11 chairs where installed to complete the panel, this leaves the running line 25ft from the security fence/gate.

A quick debate was held to see if it was agreeable to install the remaining length, but it seems a “tunnel viewing platform” could be planned.

This would allow passengers to safely exit the railbus and photograph the tunnel entrance.

This could depend on the bus remaining at Whitope in 2017.

After lunch a quick check to see if all was completed to a high standard and the work site cleared of all p.w. tools and pieces, working back towards the crossing we picked up all p.w. material and stored it on the trailer for sorting later.

With everything put away and secured we had an early finish as the A7 was closed and the traffic diverted along our road which brought in some passing trade.

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Looking North

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60ft panel