Posted by: wrha | October 10, 2016

Latest work from this weekend

A good number of volunteers attended the seasons end of passenger operation for 2016, but anyone turning up at Whitrope are assured of a trip along the line if staff and plant are available, you are even more welcome if you bring a pair of overalls !
On Saturday Tom and Peter continued the cleaning and refurbishment of the guards van.

On Sundays work usually continues to get the Fowler engine together and running; however this Sunday, with George being poorly, Rod and Davy elected to assist Baz in placing more wood sleepers in the 60ft section of the running line beside the tunnel.

The sleepers where transported down to the unfinished section on the PWay type B trolley as it is lower than the Permaquip Trailer for lifting purposes.

The Permaquip followed carrying all the associated tools, and over half the length was sleepered, chaired with Pan 11s screwed down and clipped up ,we aim to lay track right to the gate and construct a small platform and hard pathway to the tunnel mouth.

Passenger service continued all day, with the railbus being double crewed and Ian as crossing keeper, at the end of the day the railbus was stabled in the stock siding behind the brake coach, and the Ruston and guards van placed at the West end of the platform on the running line to assist entry for its renovation.

The end of passenger running does not mean we can now put our feet up, at lot of work is planned over the lay-up so we pray for a mild winter.

Thank you to the Sunday crew for continuing to support the passenger carrying season, and all the other volunteers for their input.

(Words by Baz, edited by Dave)

Wooden sleepers are seen on the Type B trolley ready to be moved up to the head of steel

Davey and Rod are seen working on the extension

The train crew

Drilling the new wooden sleepers to take chair screws

The petrol impact wrench is used to insert the chair screws to hold down the Pan11 plates

The next sets of Pan11 plates with chair screws ready to be screwed down

Pandrol clips are laid out out ready to be insert into the Pan11 plates



  1. Hawick here we come, but Davy says Carlisle.

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