Posted by: wrha | June 1, 2016

New stock arrives at Whitrope.

After a very unusual route the brake van from Fife has arrived at the railway. The journey from Methil involved a lay over in Stoke! With two cranes needed to lift the brake van onto the rails, it was quite a big job. The first task was to move the concrete blocks from near the level crossing to allow the trailer access to the position required for the lift. With the brake in position the crane unit then edged down the track-bed into position for the lift. With both cranes working together the brake van was slowly lift off the trailer and onto the rails at it’s new home at Whitrope.
Once again thanks to Jeffray Wotherspoon and all the crew at Methil for the loan of these items.



  1. I’ve seen some big lifts, and some tricky ones…offshore with unlimited resources. But never seen a tandem-lift with slewing. Well done all!

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