Posted by: wrha | April 24, 2016

Weekend update 23rd April

A day of sunshine and snow showers, that is spring at Whitrope. Plenty of jobs going on across the site to ensure everything is ready for the start of the operating season next weekend.
In the coaches, Alan, Bill and Ian were putting finishing touches to the new exhibits. The coaches are really looking impressive this year and all the hard work put into the exhibits is clear to see.
Tom and Peter continue their work on the path between the car park and the platform.
Joe continues his work on the floral displays on the platform and they are starting to come into bloom. He also did some grass cutting, one of the endless jobs at Whitrope as there is always somewhere that needs cutting.
The track gang were out greasing point rodding and the points. The track was inspected ready for next weeks operation and all is ready for action.
There was also a shunt taking place to ensure that all the stock is in place ready for a visit by Borders College students on Wednesday.
With the opening event for the new season next weekend there will be plenty of activity through the coming week to put the finishing touches to a number of jobs.


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