Posted by: wrha | April 20, 2016

April Works Weekend

A busy weekend which saw volunteers on site over the weekend and the Friday before and on into the Monday.

Work continued on completing the installation of the generator. The container was re-ordered ready for the partition wall to be constructed. The electrical side of the generator was connected up and power is now available in the mess/office container and the exhibition coach. There are still further cable runs to do to supply power to other areas around the compound.

In the car park area a new drain run was installed in the area near the gate. The aim of this drain being to help remove surface water from the car park, making it a better surface for our visitors.

The path from the car park down to the platform also saw further work and although not complete is already looking muck better.

In the area around the approach to the bay platform work was carried out to prepare the track-bed for relaying the track into the bay platform. An area was prepared near the end of the platform was prepared for a number of the mile-posts the association holds. These will be displayed in an area that allows them to be viewed by all our visitors.

A number of other jobs were progressed over the weekend as efforts are concentrated to ensure that everything is ready for the start of the new season.
There will be some more photographs of the works soon.


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