Posted by: wrha | April 1, 2016

Mid week update 30th March

A busy day on site with a number of people progressing various jobs.
The platform trolley was extracted from the exhibition coach and now resides back on the platform.

Alan, Bill and Ian were busy working on the exhibition coach, with work underway on some of the new features for this year. It all looks very interesting and should really add to the exhibition so come and have a look when we open from May onwards.

Jim and Duncan spent the morning collecting a donated fuel tank which will be used to allow us to bund the existing fuel tank. They also picked up a door and door frame for use in the generator container to allow a partition wall to be erected.

With the deliveries made, they then set to work running the electrical cable from the generator hut to the two coaches in the bay platform. To help balance the generator load these are now two separate runs. They therefore had to feed a number of cables along the protective piping being used to protect the cables (sounds so simple!). On the completion of this job and feeling a bit like they had done a work-out at the gym, they had to bury the cable run. Fortunately they were able to use the excavator to dig the trench, which was a real blessing as the ground was full of old bricks and compressed building rubble. This must have been the remains of some of the railway structures that used to exist on site. The excavator found the ground hard work, so digging out by hand would have been very entertaining. With the trench dug the cable runs were buried and feeds put up into the generator container. Hopefully they should have electric current flowing through them in the near future. The compound will have some more type 1 laid to improved the surface fairly soon as we will be ordering some for a number of jobs we want to complete before the season starts.

All in all a busy day and thankfully the weather was good for most of the it.


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